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I do a lot of different things professionally that all have their roots in presentation and/or performance. My 30 years in the entertainment business (standup, sketch & improv comedy, acting, screenwriting, independent filmmaking) have led me to my interests in other areas (presentation coaching, for example). I know this seemingly confusing site makes me look scattered.  I'm really not, I'm just exhausted from trying to keep 7 or 8 websites updated.


"I shall now call you Sensei"
D. Marquet, Retired USN Nuclear Submarine Captain, Laurel, FL

"Tom Hofbauer's workshop was as informative as it was entertaining. I would recommend Tom to any group needing to brush up on their presentation skills!"
The Collaborative Inc., Toledo, OH

"Best presentation I've been to in a long time."
Lutheran Home Society

"I have never in my life been so motivated to pursue my business. Everything he said was motivational."
(Entrepreneurial Studies Student, BGSU, OH)

"I enjoyed your insight, experience, knowledge and delivery this evening. You did a great job."
(SHRM, Adrian, MI)

"Great instructor. Knew his material well and added life experiences to the learning which helped a lot."
(SUNOCO, Philadelphia, PA)

"Tom's style is reassuring and non-confrontational and provided in a constructive way."
(Hylant Group, Toledo)

"I thought the seminar was great. This was the best session I've attended. It was fun, understandable and got you thinking without overwhelming you."
(SUNOCO, Philadelphia, PA)

Who is Tom Hofbauer?

Tom Hofbauer is a modern day Renaissance man. He has been a medical photographer, a legal secretary, a teacher and a business owner. He's been an employee, a boss, fired and unemployed. He has also been an actor and a stand-up comedian. 

In addition to his own producing work, he has worked as a location producer and cinematographer on an Oscar-nominated film (Twist of Faith) directed by the multi-award winning Kirby Dick and produced by the equally celebrated Eddie Schmidt.

Tom's an author, a writer, producer, director and an award-winning filmmaker. He's an actor, comedian and screenwriter. He's a speaker and presentation coach and he offers funny, insightful, entertaining and informative speeches, workshops and seminars that inform, energize and excite all types of audiences. And he likes to talk about his experiences.  A LOT.

Tom's experience in show business - almost three decades - and his understanding of the importance of maintaining the attention of an audience helped him craft the presentation programs, seminars and workshops he offers to a variety of business clients. 

He continues to coach, teach, produce filmed entertainment and even hops up on the comedy club stage periodically.