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Director's Notes - Directly from the "From Script to Screen" seminar (check out "Tom's Blog" page for more notes)

First, do it right. 

Making a film - any film - will require a lot of patience, a lot of perserverance and a lot of attention to detail. The best advice I can give first time filmmakers is to do it right first. Taking "shortcuts" often results in much more work down the road. For example, hiring or engaging a script supervisor in the short run might increase your total budget a bit right from the start but will save you tons of time as you move from the shooting to the editing process. Try not to cut corners to save a nickel and end up spending many times that nickle in the long run. You'll thank yourself at the end of the process.

This is a compilation of my "Director's Notes" and will be added to on a regular basis. These notes are from a variety of programs I offer and will also be in my upcoming book about making an independent film. 

  • One-Man-Band Shooters Tip. 
  • No Pay But Credit and Copy.
  • Time Flies. 
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow - is the Location. Good luck finding it.
  • Follow the Rules Until You Can Break the Rules 
  • No Garbage Bags
  • Cell Phones Are Essential
  • Check Your Email Regularly
  • It's the Same, Only Different
  • Feeding Your Crew - the Real Reasons
  • Guerrilla Filmmaking - Is It Worth the Risk?
  • Screenwriting 101
  • Step One: Getting Started
  • Typos Happen
  • Safety Concerns - IMPORTANT STUFF!!
  • Investing In Your Career
  • Sure, It's a Brilliant Scene But What if it Doesn't Fit?
  • How Do You Eat an Elephant?
  • There are thousands 
  • The Filmmaker Workout
  • Introduction to Due Diligence
  • Filmmaker or Control Freak - or Both
  • Knowing What You are Talking About
  • Aesthetics of Screenplay
  • No One Really Writes a Screenplay in Five Days
  • Food and Snacks
  • The First Shot
  • Take a Day Off.