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The cast and crew of In the Company of Strangers was a mixed lot. The majority of the actors had no TV or film experience but did a great job despite that "drawback". Our crew consisted of experienced professionals in the camera, lighting, and sound departments. In addition, our hair and makeup departments were represented from the professional ranks. For many of our other crew members, this project was their first film. And of course, none of this would have been possible without the "money people" - our investors.

Imagine what it must be like to have someone you either know very well, know in passing, or have never met before, call you up and ask you to put up money for a movie to be shot in Toledo, Ohio. Well, that is exactly the experience our investors went through in late spring of 2001. I am thankful that each of these investors decided to take a chance on a highly speculative project and jump aboard.

It was also great to work with such a wonderful group of actors. Egos did not get in the way and everyone seemed to be pulling in the same direction. I never got the feeling that anyone was counting lines or being concerned about being upstaged. Everyone took direction well and I would gladly work with these people again in another project.

The crew for this project brought a great deal of experience to the set every day. The beauty of working with an experienced crew is that it frees up the director to concentrate on performance and gives him the chance to work more closely with the actors.