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Director's Notes - Directly from the "From Script to Screen" seminar (check out "Tom's Blog" page for more notes)

First, do it right. 

Making a film - any film - will require a lot of patience, a lot of perserverance and a lot of attention to detail.

The best advice I can give first time filmmakers is to do it right first. Taking "shortcuts" often results in much more work down the road. For example, hiring or engaging a script supervisor in the short run might increase your total budget a bit right from the start but will save you tons of time (and money) as you move from the shooting to the editing process. Try not to cut corners to save a nickel and end up spending many times that nickel in the long run. You'll thank yourself at the end of the process.

Making an independent film is not a simple process. Every year thousands of indie films are produced around the world and compete for a relatively few number of spots in film festivals. And too many of those films suffer the same fatal condition - the filmmakers had the passion to make their film but they lacked the knowledge required to complete a GOOD film. 

It's not because they didn't have enough money or the best professional equipment. Filmmakers are making great films with very little of either. 

A great independent filmmaker needs three things... passion to tell a story, an understanding of the process of making a film in the most efficient and professional way possible, and a coach to help him or her get from the idea of a film to the awards ceremony at a festival.

I've been there... as an actor, a writer, and a filmmaker, and I have made every mistake that can be made (and a few new mistakes that I invented).

I can help you do it right the first time and I'll be there every step of the way to help make your creative journey all about the creative process AND make your film an award winner.