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If you're a theater owner looking to screen an independent film with a great message, a programmer for a festival, or a coordinator for a GLAAD-type of group in search of a film that can serve as a great inspiration for discussion, please contact us to start a conversation.
The writer/director/producer Tom Hofbauer is currently in search of Hollywood representation for his filmmaking, writing and directing skills. Oh, and he's willing to relocate to LA or NYC - wherever he needs to go to make more films. So, if you're an agent or a manager looking for a new addition to your roster, reach out to the filmmaker - or by phone at (419) 349-6607. 

He'd love to meet you.

"It is very difficult to make a non-political, non-emotional movie about AIDS but Hofbauer does so with sublime skill. The movie doesn't preach and gives us characters that are real. The actors do wonderful jobs but this film belongs to Ben Perry as Brian and to Thomas Hofbauer whose baby this is. You may need to dry your eyes several times but you'll feel so much better having seen this film."
Amos Lassen,

​​"Hofbauer makes the most out of the video format... provides us with an excellently shot film.' '...quite visually appealing despite its budgetary limitations.' ' excellent example of independent filmmaking.' 'The characters all seem to be fairly well written and consistent.' 
'Final verdict: A-"
Lee Rice, The Vital Voice, St. Louis

What people are saying about In the Company of Strangers

"Hofbauer illustrates the passage of time and the slow metamorphosis of his protagonist with the skill of a practiced director..."
Anthony Gassman, Gay People's Chronicle

"...with an overall strong cast, a well-structured story, and some very impressive direction and camerawork, the film succeeds in being a compelling drama. However, it’s this relentless hopefulness and optimism that is the film’s finest quality."
Matt Cummings, Toledo City Paper

"...director/writer Thomas Hofbauer understands the core concepts of homophobia. The rest of the movie proves he has a grasp of the concept of personal change."
Doug Brunell, Film Threat

"...just watched your film... and was blown away! Excellent... stand(s) out from the crowd... deserves to be noticed"
Greg Ropp, Great Lakes Film Festival

"...the film won me over, and I was quite compelled as the relationships developed, actually to my surprise. Laura knows what a tough critic I am, and I was quite moved. I found his direction of actors quite intuitive, especially since they are all unestablished, and some scenes surprisingly touching."
Cliff Rothman - (Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Modern Maturity, Variety)

"As some one who grew up in New York, and who now lives in Los Angeles, I find myself losing contact with the art coming from"flyover country", that large area between New York and California with a lot of consumers....the heartland of America.
Tom Hofbauer is one of the finest film makers currently working in flyover country; he is the John Sayles of Ohio.
This is an illuminating, topical  and important work about Mainstream America."
Gerald Maxey, LA-based Filmmaker ("Los Pistoleros")

Some scenes from ​In the Company of Strangers​

In the Company of Strangers is an award-winning film which has moved audiences at film festivals and has won the top award at seven. It is a touching feature film debut from writer / producer / director Thomas Hofbauer.

It's the story of a young man arrested for his participation in a hate crime who is sentenced to 600 hours of community service in an AIDS hospice where it is hoped he will learn tolerance and compassion. While there, he helps to reconcile a dying man with his estranged son. At the same time, the young man attempts to reconnect with his own distant father.