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Director's Notes - Directly from the "From Script to Screen" seminar (check out "Tom's Blog" page for more notes)

First, do it right. 

Making a film - any film - will require a lot of patience, a lot of perserverance and a lot of attention to detail.

The best advice I can give first time filmmakers is to do it right first. Taking "shortcuts" often results in much more work down the road. For example, hiring or engaging a script supervisor in the short run might increase your total budget a bit right from the start but will save you tons of time as you move from the shooting to the editing process. Try not to cut corners to save a nickel and end up spending many times that nickle in the long run. You'll thank yourself at the end of the process.

Step One: Getting Started

I'm working on a comedy short that I plan to shoot in late August / early September. As I have mentioned in this blog before, there are hundreds of steps that must be completed in order to have a successful shoot. I will comment on each of those steps as I move through the process over the next couple of months. 

Step one: I have to have my screenplay in good shape before I start my breakdown. I'm going to discuss it with my writing partner. We'll go in and tighten up all our scenes and make sure our jokes are all current and all still work. We will cut out the fat and make sure we're starting all our scenes as late as possible and getting out of them as soon as we can.

In the meantime, one of the producers will start investigating funding sources and start to build a plan to find money - maybe private investors, maybe family members, maybe a crowdsourcing site.

It's all very exciting. (Saturday, July 5, 2014)